Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Senior photos

So I took this project a mix of ways. I thought I would try and incorporate some of things I will miss like driving, cars, food, and being outdoors. I tried to incorporate things I see everyday that I will not anymore and also the things I will not have forever. I'm going to miss high school but I'm really looking forward to my adventures to come.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Revisiting rule of thirds




A. What project did you choose to revisit?
B. What was it about this project that drew you to re-do it?
I really like when things are symmetrical or line up just right. I really like pictures that have something at the center of attention or landscape photos that are lined up evenly like with the mountain side to the left with a river in the middle and the sun setting over the river. I'm also drawn to spontaneous and randomness of photos.
C. How did approach the project differently? Or not? Why?
I felt like rather than planning out all my photos that I would just find a random moment and photograph what was in front of me and capture a moment.
D. How do new photographs differ from the first time you photographed the project/subject?
I think the editing really makes them standout. I think the editing is most notable in the photo of my younger brother and also of the Porsche. I think with my brother I was able to by turning it into a black and white photo dramatized the photo and gave it that touch to make it something special. With the car I feel like developed the photo to make the brown really pop out and look sharp. 
E. What have you learned ABOUT YOUR OWN WORK from revisiting the project?
I've learned that it's really easy to take a photo but it's what you do with it is what can make it special. From that I've also noticed that you can turn even the most random photo into something admirable. 

A. Ask that person to spend some time looking at the images on their own without input from you.
B. Ask that person the following questions:
-How do the two different versions of the project/subject differ?

-Which group (past or current) of photographs are you more drawn to, and why?

-What questions do you have for how/why/what/where/when/etc. do you have about the project/subject. (Use your "Reading A Photograph" questions if you are bereft of inquisitive thought).